Do You Believe That Being In Better Shape Means Better Love Making, Intimacy and Sexual Performance In Your Relationship?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot Exercises For Better Sex, a Smoking Body, and a Passionate Marriage

There's simply no question about it - being in better shape means better love-making, intimacy and sexual performance. But you must remember - 'better shape' is a relative term, relative to yourself - I'm not suggesting you have to be a centerfold or a perfect 'ten' by any means - you just need to be 'a little better than yesterday'.

Of course no one needs to become a gym rat or a fitness bunny to reap the rewards of body tingling sexual experiences or bed rumbling orgasms. In other words you don't have to bust your body with knee killing squats or back breaking machines - as a matter of fact you don't even have to set foot inside a health club to do the exercises that are going to give you the most "bang" for the buck.

All you really need is some more flexibility, stamina and strength in the right places. Here's what to do: NOTE - you should get clearance from your physician before doing any exercises - even the ones below...

1 - Lay down, face up, on the floor with a thick blanket or mat under you. Put you heels up on the edge of the couch or chair. Hands stay at your side flat on the floor. Lift your whole backside off the floor so that your body is in a straight line and hold for 15 seconds. Then relax back to the ground. Repeat 4 times. As this gets easier - you can increase the time you hold the raised position.

2 - Now pull your knees into your stomach/chest with your hands and hold for 30 seconds. This will stretch out your back muscles. Very important to be limber in the mid and low back for optimal sexual performance.

3 - Stand up and go to your kitchen counter. Place your hands about shoulder width apart on the edge of the counter. Move your feet back about 12 to 18 inches and get up on your toes. Lean in toward the counter with your entire body so that your chest ends up between your hands at counter level. Then push away as you breath out. Repeat 5 times - if that too easy go to 10.

That's it simple and quick. It's enough to get you started with some noticeable improvements. Within 3 - 4 days your partner will want to know what you've been doing - because they'll be sure to feel the effects of your secret sexual fitness program. And very pleased to say the least.

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